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Yes, You Can Write A Book from Arise U

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Is God calling you to write a book?

What if your message could make a real difference?

But what if that difference never happens because you either

— shrug off your call,

— ignore God’s voice, or

— just can’t figure out the next step.

But what if someone showed you the way?

This is why AriseU has a brand-new course designed just for you called

Yes, You Can Write a Book.

Imagine if best-selling Christian authors, publishers, editors, and writing coaches shared the exact secrets you need to know so you can answer your call?

Arise U has invited a phenomenal team to help you immediately find the answers and solutions you need to answer your God-given call to write. You will

— learn the trade-secrets and publishing secrets,

— discover the doable steps you need to take, and

— find out how to write, complete and publish your fiction or non-fiction book.

Here’s our line-up of classes:

· “Yes, You Can Write a Book” with best-selling author Linda Evans Shepherd

· “Live Your Dream to Write” by Tammy Whitehurst

· “Organize Your Writing Projects” with award-winning author Susan B. Mead

· “The Christian Publishing World” by publisher Karen Porter of Bold Vision Books

· “How to Write Devotionals and Bible Studies” by best-selling author Debbie Alsdorf

· “Writing a Great Novel” with novelist Cynthia L. Simmons

· “How to Edit Your Manuscript” by writing conference director and author Kathy Idle

· “How to Be a Tech Savvy Writer (Understanding the Tools You Need for Your Journey)” by novelist Amy C. Williams

· “How to Evaluate Your Publishing Options” by publisher Cheri Cowell of EA Books

· Bonus Class: “How to Write a Blog” by Bible study author Kathy Howard

As a bonus, you can receive a professional review of your book idea or manuscript from one of our publishers.

You will also be invited to join a community of Christian authors.

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